A PoundLand Haul

Who doesn’t love a good trip to Poundland? I love a good bargain, you never know what you may find when you take a ‘quick’ trip inside.

With Spring approaching all the Christmas and New Year things have been replaced to new stock, stepping foot in one shop may be completely different from another. Maybe that’s a good thing.

My first find was spotting these gorgeous heart cushions, they had numerous colours yellow, pink, blue and purple. Over the past month we have been decorating Isadora’s new room, these little cushions are perfect for her bed as they are not huge and are beautifully soft. I opted for the blue and purple as she wants Frozen bedding, these go perfectly on her bed.

No little girl should go without a little money box, Poundland have rainbow and unicorn money boxes, Rob picked out this adorable rainbow one which matches her princess bedroom perfect. I love the design and the pastel colours, Poundland are definitely on point with this money box.

Our next purchase was these two Harry Potter mugs, how adorable are these? Rob picked out this really-not-scary Voldemort mug and Isadora went for the Hermione one. These cost £2 each but worth every penny as Harry Potter fanatics we are.

I went back to our local Poundland a week later and they started stocking their Easter/Spring stock, I was excited to see what they had in. I came across these adorable stuffed plushes, Isadora’s been playing vets and loves collecting animals. These are perfect for her to play with, the design of the little bunny is beautiful, soft and elegant for £1 it was an absolute bargain as it reminded me of the Jellycat teddies.

Lastly I came across these in Poundland, in the Easter section they had the Easter Table Runners hung up which is the same as a small section of artificial grass, I wouldn’t really use it as a table runner but for Isadora to play with as she can put her hatchimals on. As working in Early Years this would be perfect for young ones to play on with toy houses and dolls.

I also picked out two packs of TsumTsum’s which Isadora loves to play with as she has a collection of them already. They come with a surprise TsumTsum in each pack, which for £1 each she absolutely loved them.

I always love looking in Poundland, is there anything you have fallen across that surprised you? 







Dear Mum’s

Dear you magnificent mums, 

You are doing amazing, you are doing your best. You are fighting the world, you may not believe it, but you are a superhero.

It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to shout, it’s okay to sit in your pyjamas all day. That washing that’s piling high can wait, the dishes in the sink they can too.

That shower you are desperate to have, it will come (hopefully not by a leaky nappy). You know that mum bun you are rocking, it looks hot.

Remember you are on top of the world even when it feels like you are in a sinkhole.

Never feel like you are alone, there are plenty of other mums out there that feel that way too.

Be you and you is what that little one needs the most.  

love your fellow mum

Bath Playdough Soap

Fun Bath Playdough Soap

We absolutely love messy play at home and with it being the first day of the Summer holidays why not get messy and try making new things.

I have been looking at making Bath Playdough Soap for a while now, I love trying out these experiments with Isadora letting her have fun and getting her involved. It’s such an easy and simple messy activity to do and it’s pretty similar to Lush’s mould-able soap for a small fraction of the price. So why not give it ago using only 2 ingredients.

What do you need?

Conditioner of your choice

Pop the cornstarch/cornflour into the bowl and mix in the washing liquid slowly, I don’t usually measure out ingredients (I know I should do!). I poured a decent amount into the bowl as I didn’t want to make loads for the first time having a go at making the playdough soap.

Mix the ingredients together well, adding the conditioner which I used an apple scented conditioner to make our soap smell yummy, you can use any of your choice that you have, remember this is for your child’s bath so I would make sure it is safe for their skin. When it turns into a dough this means it’s all ready to use!

Now for the fun part enjoy your bath with your new bath soap you have made. Isadora loved squishing it in the bath and rubbing it on her skin, even popping her LOL doll’s into the playdough soap made her giggle.

It’s such a fun way to get your child to have a bath and to also understand they need to wash themselves which is great for their independence, make sure you clean your bath out too!







What My Kid Wore #5

It’s that time again, another What My Kid Wore Wednesday. I enjoy this time of the week as it’s all about what Isadora is wearing no matter what we have planned on that day – I mean it’s usually just Playgroup so it’s nothing too special her outfits, but still adorable.

For this weeks What My Kid Wore Wednesday it’s all about Valentines Day And I absolutely adore the outfit she’s rocking ❤

Leggings from Sainsbury’s TU // Apple Dress from Asda George // Boots from Chipmunks Footwafe // Knickers from Asda George // Vest from Sainsbury’s TU // Hair Clips from Poundshop

I love how colourful Isadora’s outfit is today, it’s perfect for a Valentines Day theme I was going for 💕 The t-shirt/dress is perfect for playgroup, for her to run around in and play with her friends. I’m not too bothered if she gets it messy either as the dress was bought for £8 with a pair of light blue leggings.

I also love her little boots, they have been one of the best pair of boots I have purchased for Isadora! She’s had them for a year too and they still fit perfectly and are incredibly durable.


This Mama Life

Rustlers Burger Hacking

Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge

As a parent I am always looking for fast and easy ways to make a meal to please us all – Rob, Isadora and I. As soon as I heard about the Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge I jumped to the chance to get involved. The challenge included to find a healthy and quick way to make it a crowd pleaser at dinner time, which means we could build our burger and make it a balanced meal. We picked our Saturday one busy weekend when we just booked a holiday (first family holiday abroad to Greece!) and we was out getting passports and pictures sorted so we was glad to be able to do our Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge as it fit in perfectly with our day.

Did You Know? The Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burger uses only the finest quality chicken breast meat.

With our lightly peppered mayo

Heat to enjoy

100% traceable

So with our Tesco’s voucher we went to pick up our Rustlers Southern Fried Chicken Burgers, we got 2 packs since Rob would have two of them (just how men usually do). I wasn’t sure how Isadora would take to the burgers as much as she usually likes to eat pretty much anything, I was excited to give her ago with the Rustlers burgers.

The first item I picked out was of course salad, Isadora usually eats fruit and vegetables and likes them so I knew to get her a few bits she likes. I picked up some tomatoes (since Rob and Isadora like them), lettuce, already chopped red onions and peppers – yes I felt a little lazy to chop them but these packages are perfect for quick and simple tea’s. Isadora picked out some Potato Salad, guacamole and soured cream & chive that she loves and they also go well with the Rustlers Burgers.

I also picked up some Sweet Potato Chips to go with our Rustlers Burgers, they was the only item that took 30 minutes to cook but in this time we managed to get everything sorted – the table, drinks, salad and also have a little play with Isadora to keep her occupied whilst tea was cooking. What I liked the most was how fast the burgers take – 90 seconds in the microwave it’s absolutely genius from a parents point of view.

I enjoyed the Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge as it was fun and we all got involved together at tea time, building up our own burgers (as you can see Rob had two!) Isadora enjoyed being able to dress her burger in what she liked and what she wanted on her burger, without us helping her or placing it out already made.

Isadora picked out a few Sweet Potato Chips, Potato salad, a tomato, peppers and 1 onion (yes only one) and 1 crouton. I was so surprised with how much Isadora enjoyed her tea and actually at majority of her burger as she isn’t the hugest eater she usually likes to snack throughout the day and have something little for tea. I find these Rustlers burgers fantastic for a fast, different and family involving tea.

With my burger I had a bit of everything of course and I love this idea of dressing up your own burger yourself as everyone likes it differently and it felt good to be able to do it myself. The hacking the burger up to make it healthier and yummy to eat is one way to get the goodness into yours and your littlen’s bellies.

I was so impressed with how well the Rustlers Burgers went down with Isadora. As a parent Rustlers Burgers aren’t something I usually think about getting for tea or lunch time as it’s not something I think about. I use to love Rustlers when I was growing up, I always loved a Chicken Burger and they was quick and so easy to do and you don’t have to wait an hour for a burger to do. If you are running out of idea’s for easy teas and want to try out something knew with your children have a go at hacking your own burger – it involves everyone around the dining room/kitchen table its fun and gets you spending time with your family together.

Isadora loved getting involved with tea time that much she even wanted to do the washing up! Honestly we couldn’t get her away from the sink she was enjoying helping us wash up. I can say that the Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge was a success for us. Only thing I would change differently next time is maybe do some vegetables like sweetcorn and peas to go with tea or a corn on the cob which is also easy and fast to do. We definitely will be purchasing more Rustlers Burgers soon.


This post is an entry for BritMums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge, sponsored by Rustlers . 







What My Kid Wore #4

I’m back with What My Kid Wore Wednesday this week, I haven’t had chance to blog about Isadora’s outfits on Wednesday’s for a while due to starting my Level 3 Early Years. But hey! Here I am back at it trying to blog more and show of Isadora’s adorable clothes.

So today’s outfit consists of the most adorable and beautiful dress I have ever got for Isadora.

Leggings from Sainsbury’s TU // Pear Dress from Kite Clothing // Boots from Mantaray in Debenhams // Hair Bow from Home & Bargains

 I usually don’t dress Isadora in dresses when she’s at Playgroup only because it’s usually harder to go to the toilet with tights on. With the weather getting colder again I wanted to keep her warm, this Pear print dress is thicker and this is the perfect time of year to wear this dress. I love the colour too of this dress it suits Isadora.

I put her in leggings under her dress for the convenience of going to the toilet and they match well with her little dress too. Her boots are a little worn in, but hey I’m not going to be buying her anymore anytime soon plus they are only for playgroup and are comfy for her.

Look at that little cutie pie, my little Dory Dora. I can’t believe she will be a big number 3 next month too, she’s definitely not my little baby anymore.

This Mama Life

Kite Clothing; Organic Cotton


I am not the type of parent who would go out of their way just to buy a certain brand/quality or type of clothing for myself or for my daughter. I do however like trying out different brands just to see how good they are or if they are really worth it. I’m definitely not a snob, I just love children’ clothing.

That’s where Kite comes into the picture. I usually shop at Next Clothing or Sainsbury’s TU for Isadora’s clothes depending on how much I like the item, I’m not picky I just like children’s clothes and have to restrain myself from buying everything. I have heard really good reviews about Organic clothing, meaning the cotton is 100% Organic a planet-friendly clothes brand. I have to admit I was a little bit unsure at how good Kite was, but I’m not shocked how much I adore their products.


My first purchase was from a site called Rainbow-Nation where they have lots of children’s clothing from 0-11 years. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the clothing so instead of splashing loads of money out as I could of easily done I opted for a Mystery Box aged 3-4 Years and the Girls option, they have different size options and gender’s also to pick from. This box cost £25, the items inside have a higher value ranging from £30 – £60. I found this was a great way to test a brand out too and helped me picking out the clothes in all honesty, too many choices!


I was absolutely impressed with the items that came inside our mystery box, this being one outfit along with the items in the above picture. I usually stay away from blue on Isadora but this outfit made me fall in love with the colour, it made her blue eyes pop out. I loved the quality, it felt durable and comfortable cotton quality which I love. The sizing is a little bit bigger than the normal 3-4 years in shops that I am use to. Isadora is only 2 years old (3 in March) and is only small she still wears her 2-3 years clothing but being me I like stocking up on the next clothing size so she will have longer in the clothes. The top was more of a tunic dress type which I really didn’t expect but adore on her.


I ordered this gorgeous pear dress from directly Kite Clothing website, as this is a perfect time to stock up on a few bits with the sales all on still. Again I purchased the 3-4 years, again wishing I went for a smaller size but I honestly didn’t mind the sizing being bigger as this time next year she will fit into it more comfortably. It falls beautifully on her and the colours work together well. I can’t say how much I love this dress as I rave about it every time she as worn it. She even picks it out herself when she goes to her wardrobe. The quality of the dress is a lot thicker than I was expecting at first from looking at the online photograph, but I am glad it’s of a thicker quality as it will last longer and will be perfect for this time of year and later on in Autumn time. I also got her the skirt in the exact same material that will be perfect for all year round.


I also ordered this beautiful mash dress with rabbits, foxes and othe woodland animals on. The material of the dress is smooth and feels comfortable for her to wear all day. I ordered this dress in 3-4 years also which I could of done with a 2-3 years but as I said at least she has plenty of room to grow and will be in this still next year.

If you are after a new clothing brand to try out and want to experiment with the Organic cotton clothing then give Kite ago! I 100% recommend Kite Clothing especially if you are after quality clothing similar to Frugi.

I also rave about the material and styles of the clothing range that Kite offers, if your child has to have a larger size clothing in your local shops then definitely give Kite a try.






DIY handmade Crayon’s

How to make your own handmade Crayon’s


Making my own crayon’s is something that I have been meaning to do for a long time now since I seen a post a while back over putting it on your to do list. I thought it was a fantastic and creative way to get rid of them broken up crayons that I had lying around the house. So I thought why not to give it a try!

What you need:
Silicone/ice or icing moulds


I took all our broken or unused crayon’s that I found and removed all of the outer wrappers on the crayons ready to put into the right colour sections. After I arranged the colours and shades together I then made the crayons smaller to fit into the moulds making a few different colour crayons.


I managed to get a few shape moulds off Amazon for cheap so if you don’t have any have a look around online for some or even your local Poundshop should have some. I used the lego block mould for my trail go. After I put the crayon’s in each lego mould I then used the microwave for 10 minutes to melt the crayons, I would next time try the oven as the microwave didn’t melt every crayon fully. After they have melted fully, carefully pop the moulds into the freezer for 10-20 minutes until they have fully set.


I was impressed for my first go at making crayons of the outcome of them, I love the lego block idea it’s fun and interesting and every child loves a lego crayon. They was a little messy and fiddly to do but I will definitely try different things next time I have a go. I found using the bigger jumbo crayons they melt faster and easier, also don’t stock up the whole mould with crayon as they can overflow into the other mould.

If you are looking for something to do with them broken crayons then give it a go it’s fun, exciting and new!